Terms and conditions [Web site and Database services]

Full payment of due invoices to be paid within thirty (30) days of the invoice date at the latest, some work requires payment on completion. Sometimes part payment will be requested either part way through a service or prior to commencement of work.
Web Sites: Payment is due in full on completion of the site. If the site cannot be completed due to content not being provided by the client, the client will be invoiced for the full quoted amount (a standard 30 day invoice), and the site will be completed when the said content is provided. If additional unexpected work is required this will be subject to an additional invoice.
Static web sites - are quoted for as an 'all in' price, where graphics need creating this will be included. Preparation of those graphics for an alternative medium (such as printing) may be subject to an additional charge.
Database work - including dynamic web sites and associated programming, will be charged at the current hourly rate, additional features requested will result in additional cost to the client. Any hours for work shown are an approximate guide only and may be subject to change – please discuss this if you need further information.
Other work - charging method will be explained on the quotation, whether the quotation is verbal, written or computer generated.
All overdue amounts will be charged at a rate of 8% p.a. above bank base rate. Any failure to pay an invoice will be pursued through UK court(s), all costs to Compass Computing Ltd for this process will be paid by the client.
Prices quoted for services will remain correct for 60 days from the date of the quotation, whether the quotation is verbal, written or computer generated.
5) VAT:
Compass Computing Ltd is VAT registered, therefore all prices quoted will be exclusive of Value Added Tax, VAT will be charged at the applicable rate at the time of invoicing.
Notification of queries and/or complaints must be notified to the Compass Computing Ltd verbally or in writing within seven (7) days of receipt of the service and/or the invoice, whichever is the latter.
7) LAW:
In the event of a default of this Agreement, these Terms and Conditions of Service shall be governed by British law.
It will remain the responsibility of the client to maintain and retain up-to-date back-up copies of all computerised data. Compass Computing Ltd shall not be held responsible for any loss of data, regardless of the cause.
All data supplied to you, whether on disc or supplied via e-mail or ftp will have been checked by Compass Computing Ltd for Viruses. However, you must always keep your virus definition files (software) up to date and check all data received to satisfy yourself that there are no harmful files. No responsibility will be held for viruses, trojans or the like entering your computer systems.
Remember: never open email attachments if you are unsure of the origins of the email.
Support will be provided after delivery of the service. This will be free of charge when provided via e-mail for up to 90 days. Support at the clients' premises will be subject to the agreed hourly rate for the service itself. Telephone support will be provided free of charge for 14 days after the invoice date when the Compass Computing Ltd or their agent is available - after 14 days it will be subject to the agreed hourly rate for the service itself, unless the support is regarding a fault or error with the service, in which case there will be no charge.
Changes to these terms and conditions will be uploaded to this web site. Changes from the original service request, quotation or estimate can be amended by any means providing both parties accept the changes.
Prices for third party products will be obtained for you, but prices quoted are subject to change if our suppliers cannot match their current price at the time of purchase. If the exact product is not available we reserve the right to change it for a suitable replacement.
Domain Name Registration: When registering a domain name you enter into a contract of registration with the relevant agency
Web hosting is provided by our partner company Oxhey Net. Their terms and conditions apply to this service, and although we are happy to arrange all hosting services and resolve problems if you encounter them, if we can, your contract will remain with Oxhey Net.
Compass Computing Ltd will be pleased to meet prospective customers and outline the services offered and how we can assist you and your company. There will be no charge for such a meeting, within a reasonable travelling distance of North West Kent, UK. Any payment required prior to work being commenced will be shown in a written (computer generated) quotation.
The Copyright of all material created by Compass Computing Ltd or it's subcontractors will remain with Compass Computing Ltd unless agreed in writing with the client. This includes art work, web site content and programming including databases. If Compass Computing Ltd uses 3rd party material, from whatever source, the copyright will remain with it's holder, unless that is passed to the client or ourselves.
Compass Computing Ltd will write code in various languages, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, php, Visual Basic [VB] (also VB for applications and VB script) and perhaps more. Any code written by Compass Computing Ltd and it's sub-contractors, workers and employees remain the property of Compass Computing or other owner, no ownership or exclusivity will be passed to the client / customer / you unless specified in a formal contract.
Compass Computing Ltd holds professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance, each to the value of £1,000,000. If a client feels this is insufficient cover they must inform Compass Computing Ltd prior to engaging their services.
It is agreed and understood that all information, data and images supplied by the client for inclusion in web sites, database or any other publication is done so only if the clients has the necessary intellectual property rights, and the client agrees to indemnify Compass Computing Ltd, it's director(s), employees or sub-contractors for any liability incurred for any breach of such rights.