Database design

The range of databases Compass Computing Ltd can produce for you and your company is far too wide to list here.

Generally the answer is yes - now what is the question!

We commonly create bespoke, one off databases, tailored to our clients exact requirements. These often include lists of your clients, suppliers and perhaps appointments relating to them. Databases can list work, invoices, stock.... in fact what ever your business is, we can organise and computerise it for you! At their heart databases are list of things. However, our relational databases contain many links within those lists, presenting in an easy to use format, based on the stable Microsoft Access platform. One of our favourite systems was so good that it reduced 3 weeks a month work down to less than one week, with all the additional benefits of accuracy and performance.

Whether you require a single user system or a multiple user networked version then Compass Computing Ltd can assist you.

We have many satisfied customers using our databases day in day out, without hitch or problem. And when they do require an upgrade to add additional features we are just a telephone call away.

So if your office life needs organising with a time saving system then please give us a call.